Associate Broker

John Karamanski has been a participant and proponent of Real Estate ideas and stories for over 30 years. He has produced over 15 years of local Real Estate TV New. 25 years of continued Video story presentations. This means listening to thousands of stories and points of personal interest. Then telling the stories of Visionary Developers, Professional Builders, Creative Designers, Vendors and sub contractors, and Product producers for the home.
Listening to the stories of others has shown John to ask the Questions:
“How do¬† you use your space?”
“Who do you use it with?”
“What do you do next?’
For these answers are how to be of Real Estate Service to a client.
Being a Licensed Brokers Agent with LUXCITY Realty is a fantastic opportunity to be close to the heart of Mass Ave. To be part of this vibrant city’s thoughts and ideas about how to best use our core Urban Spaces.
John will also bring new ideas to LUXCITY Realty about Downtown West side developments. In particular Stingtown, where “Home of the Future, is Here Today John is also a co designer/builder of the Indy smart houses.